piqueserver.core_commands package


piqueserver.core_commands.game module

piqueserver.core_commands.game.fog(connection, *args)[source]

Set the fog color /fog red green blue (all values 0-255) /fog #aabbcc (hex representation of rgb) /fog #abc (short hex representation of rgb)


Tell you the current time limit /time

piqueserver.core_commands.game.global_chat(connection, value=None)[source]

Enable or disable global chat /globalchat [on|off] Toggles if no arguments are given

piqueserver.core_commands.game.lock(connection, value)[source]

Make a specified team no longer joinable until it’s unlocked /lock <blue|green|spectator> New players will be placed in the spectator team even if it’s locked


Reset the game /resetgame

piqueserver.core_commands.game.set_balance(connection, value)[source]

Turn automatic balancing on or off /setbalance <on|off>

piqueserver.core_commands.game.set_time_limit(connection, duration)[source]

Set this game time limit /timelimit <duration>

piqueserver.core_commands.game.switch(connection, player, team=None)[source]

Switch teams either for yourself or for a given player /switch [player] [team]

piqueserver.core_commands.game.toggle_build(connection, player=None)[source]

Toggle building for everyone in the server or for a given player /togglebuild [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.game.toggle_kill(connection, player=None)[source]

Toggle killing for everyone in the server or for a given player /togglekill [player]


Toggle friendly fire /toggleteamkill

piqueserver.core_commands.game.unlock(connection, value)[source]

Unlock a team /unlock <blue|green|spectator>

piqueserver.core_commands.info module


Print all available commands /commands

piqueserver.core_commands.info.help_command(connection, command_name=None)[source]

Gives description and usage info for a command /help <command_name>

piqueserver.core_commands.info.ping(connection, player)[source]

Tell your current ping (time for your actions to be received by the server) /ping


Show you the server rules /rules


Tell your current kill streak /streak

piqueserver.core_commands.map module


Force the next map to be immediately loaded instead of waiting for the time limit to end /advancemap

piqueserver.core_commands.map.change_planned_map(connection, *pre_maps)[source]

Set the next map to be loaded after current game ends and inform everyone of it /map <mapname>

piqueserver.core_commands.map.change_rotation(connection, *pre_maps)[source]

Change the current map rotation and informs everyone on the server of it /rotation <map1> … <mapN>

piqueserver.core_commands.map.load_map(connection, map)[source]

Instantly switches map to the specified /loadmap <mapname>


Tell you what’s the name of the current map /mapname


Invert the current map rotation /revertrotation

piqueserver.core_commands.map.rotation_add(connection, *pre_maps)[source]

Append a given map to the current map rotation and informs everyone on the server of it /rotationadd <map>


Tell you the current map rotation /showrotation

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation module

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.ban(connection, value, *arg)[source]

Ban a given player forever or for a limited amount of time. /ban <player> [duration] [reason]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.banip(connection, ip, *arg)[source]

Ban an ip /banip <ip> [duration] [reason]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.dban(connection, value, *arg)[source]

Ban a given player for one day /dban <player> [reason]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.get_ban_arguments(connection, args)[source]

Parses duration and reason from arguments. It handles duration in two ways: interger mintues and human-friendly duration. It also handles cases where duration or reason are none. Note: It returns duration in seconds.

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.god(connection, player=None)[source]

Go into god mode and inform everyone on the server of it /god [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.god_build(connection, player)[source]

Place blocks that can be destroyed only by players with godmode activated /godbuild [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.godsilent(connection, player=None)[source]

Silently go into god mode /godsilent [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.has_digits(s: str) → bool[source]
piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.hban(connection, value, *arg)[source]

Ban a given player for an hour /hban <player> [reason]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.invisible(connection, player)[source]

Turn invisible /invisible [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.ip(connection, player)[source]

Get the IP of a user /ip [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.kick(connection, value, *arg)[source]

Kick a given player /kick <player> Player is the #ID of the player, or an unique part of their name

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.mute(connection, value)[source]

Mute a player /mute <player>

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.pban(connection, value, *arg)[source]

Ban a given player permanently /pban <player> [reason]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.say(connection, *arg)[source]

Say something in chat as server message /say <text>

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.unban(connection, ip)[source]

Unban an ip /unban <ip>

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.undo_ban(connection, *arg)[source]

Undo last ban /undoban

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.unmute(connection, value)[source]

Unmute a player /unmute <player>

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.wban(connection, value, *arg)[source]

Ban a given player for one week /wban <player> [reason]

piqueserver.core_commands.moderation.who_was(connection, value)[source]

Get the IP of a user who has left /whowas <player>

piqueserver.core_commands.movement module

piqueserver.core_commands.movement.do_move(connection, args, silent=False)[source]
piqueserver.core_commands.movement.fly(connection, player)[source]

Enable flight /fly [player] Hold control and press space ;)

piqueserver.core_commands.movement.move(connection, *args)[source]

Move yourself or a given player to the specified x/y/z coordinates or sector /move [player] <sector> or /move [player] <x> <y> <z> If you’re invisible, it will happen silently. If the z coordinate makes the player appear underground, put them at ground level instead. If the x/y/z coordinate makes the player appear outside of the world bounds, take the bound instead

You can only move other players if you are admin or have the move_others right

piqueserver.core_commands.movement.move_silent(connection, *args)[source]

Silently move yourself or a given player to the specified x/y/z coordinates or sector /moves [player] <sector> or /moves [player] <x> <y> <z> If the z coordinate makes the player appear underground, put them at ground level instead. If the x/y/z coordinate makes the player appear outside of the world bounds, take the bound instead

You can only move other players if you are admin or have the move_others right

piqueserver.core_commands.movement.teleport(connection, player1, player2=None, silent=False)[source]

Teleport yourself or a given player to another player /teleport [player] <target player>

piqueserver.core_commands.movement.tpsilent(connection, player1, player2=None)[source]

Silently teleport a player to another player /tpsilent [player] <target player>

piqueserver.core_commands.movement.unstick(connection, player)[source]

Unstick yourself or another player and inform everyone on the server of it /unstick [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.movement.where(connection, player)[source]

Tell you the coordinates of yourself or of a given player /where [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.player module

piqueserver.core_commands.player.client(connection, player)[source]

Tell you information about your client or the client of a given player /client [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.player.deaf(connection, value=None)[source]

Make you or a given player no longer receive chat messages /deaf [player]

piqueserver.core_commands.player.heal(connection, player)[source]

Heal and refill yourself or a given player and inform everyone on the server of this action /heal [player]


Inform you of who has the enemy intel /intel

piqueserver.core_commands.player.kill(connection, value=None)[source]

Kill yourself or a given player /kill [target]

piqueserver.core_commands.player.weapon(connection, value)[source]

Tell you what weapon a given player is using /weapon <player>

piqueserver.core_commands.server module


Tell you which scripts are enabled on this server currently /scripts


Tell you the name of this server and its aos:// URI /server

piqueserver.core_commands.server.server_name(connection, *arg)[source]

Change the server name until it restarts /servername <new-name> Also affects the master list


Toggle connection to the master server list /togglemaster


Tell you this server’s piqueserver version /version

piqueserver.core_commands.social module

piqueserver.core_commands.social.login(connection, password)[source]

Log in if you’re staff or a trusted member of this server /login <password> You will be kicked if a wrong password is given 3 times in a row

piqueserver.core_commands.social.pm(connection, value, *arg)[source]

Send a private message to a given player /pm <player> <message>

piqueserver.core_commands.social.to_admin(connection, *arg)[source]

Send a message to all admins currently online /admin <message>

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