Porting scripts

Piqueserver still supports scripting just as PySnip did! However, since Piqueserver has had much refactoring and improvements since forking from PySnip, some scripts that work with PySnip, may not work immediately with Piqueserver. Never fear! The piqueserver team has avoided breaking changes regarding scripts as much as possible, and here are some details on some points that could be breaking changes.


Do reach out to the piqueserver team we can help you out!

Automated port to Python 3

Since Piqueserver doesn’t support Python 2 anymore we have to port the scripts to Python 3. Most of the porting can be automated with tools like 2to3. We can later fix issues related to py2->py3 as they arise.

Fix feature_server module imports

from map import ...
from commands import ...
from scheduler import ...
from piqueserver.map import ...
from piqueserver.commands import ...
from piqueserver.scheduler import ...
from piqueserver.map import ...

map.DEFAULT_LOAD_DIR and other constants

This constant in feature_server/map.py is no longer, along with potentially others. Now, if you wish to get the map directory, you can use something like:

import os
from piqueserver.config import config
map_dir = os.path.join(config.config_dir, 'maps')

Fix packet imports

pyspades (and PySnip) have various packet instances in pyspades.server and those instances were used/shared by multiple scripts. Which can get messy and cause bugs. In piqueserver those instances are no longer present and scripts have to create those instances themselves.

from pyspades.server import grenade_packet, block_action, set_color
from pyspades.contained import GrenadePacket, BlockAction, SetColor
# lazy fix: package level global like below
grenade_packet, block_action, set_color = GrenadePacket(), BlockAction(), SetColor()
# proper fix: create them wherever they get used

Debugging import errors

Import errors in scripts causes piqueserver to throw NotImplementedError which is vague(sorry!). For debugging those import errors use python(shell) or ipython they’ll point you to which exact import is causing issues.

In [1]: import buildandsplat
ImportError                               Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-1-01d8c693f582> in <module>
----> 1 import buildandsplat

~/piqueserver/piqueserver/game_modes/buildandsplat.py in <module>
    25 from pyspades.common import Vertex3, make_color, get_color
    26 from pyspades.constants import *
---> 27 from subprocess import add, admin, get_player, name
    28 from pyspades import contained as loaders
    29 from pyspades.weapon import WEAPONS

ImportError: cannot import name 'add' from 'subprocess' (/usr/local/lib/python3.7/subprocess.py)


Try out the script and see if anything breaks. If the errors seem py2->py3 related refer to this cheatsheet. Piqueserver team has done a giant port of scripts in v0.1.1 it can be used as a reference. If you get stuck please reach out to the piqueserver team we are happy to help!