Command line arguments

View of help output

$ piqueserver --help
usage: piqueserver [-h] [-c CONFIG_FILE] [-j JSON_PARAMETERS] [-d CONFIG_DIR]
                   [--copy-config] [--update-geoip]

piqueserver is an open-source Python server implementation for the voxel-based
game "Ace of Spades".

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG_FILE, --config-file CONFIG_FILE
                        specify the config file - default is "config.json" in
                        the config dir
                        add extra json parameters (overrides the ones present
                        in the config file)
  -d CONFIG_DIR, --config-dir CONFIG_DIR
                        specify the directory which contains maps, scripts,
                        etc (in correctly named subdirs) - default is
  --copy-config         copies the default/example config dir to its default
                        location or as specified by "-d"
  --update-geoip        download the latest geoip database


-h or --help

self explanatory - display help about running

-c or --config-file

Takes a parameter which is the path to the desired configuration file. Defaults to config.json is the configuration directory.

-d or --config-dir

Specifies the directory to use for its configuration. Defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/piqueserver/ or $HOME/.config/piqueserver/ if the former environment variable isn’t set. This directory is also used by --copy-config as the target directory for copying the example configuration, as well as the base path when giving a relative path to --config-file.


Copies the included example configuration directory to the default configuration directory, or to the location specified by --config-dir. Will create the directory if it doesn’t exist, and will not copy if the directory already exists to avoid overwriting existing config.

-j or --json-parameters

Example: piqueserver -j '{"profile":true}'

Takes the json object and uses it to override fields from the json configuration file. Useful for testing out a quick change where you don’t want to edit config.json.


Downloads the latest data file containing geoip data into data/GeoLiteCity.dat in the configuration directory. This data file is required for the from command to work in-game.