Source code for piqueserver.game_modes.tdm

Team Deathmatch game mode.

Maintainer: Triplefox

from pyspades.constants import *

from piqueserver.commands import command

HIDE_COORD = (0, 0, 0)

[docs]@command() def score(connection): return connection.protocol.get_kill_count()
[docs]def apply_script(protocol, connection, config): class TDMConnection(connection): def on_spawn(self, pos): self.send_chat(self.explain_game_mode()) self.send_chat(self.protocol.get_kill_count()) return connection.on_spawn(self, pos) def on_flag_take(self): if self.protocol.remove_intel: return False return connection.on_flag_take(self) def on_flag_capture(self): result = connection.on_flag_capture(self) += self.protocol.intel_points self.protocol.check_end_game(self) return result def on_kill(self, killer, type, grenade): result = connection.on_kill(self, killer, type, grenade) self.protocol.check_end_game(killer) return result def explain_game_mode(self): msg = 'Team Deathmatch: Kill the opposing team.' if not self.protocol.remove_intel: msg += ' Intel is worth %s kills.' % self.protocol.intel_points return msg class TDMProtocol(protocol): game_mode = CTF_MODE kill_limit = config.get('kill_limit', 100) intel_points = config.get('intel_points', 10) remove_intel = config.get('remove_intel', False) def on_flag_spawn(self, x, y, z, flag, entity_id): if self.remove_intel: return HIDE_COORD return protocol.on_flag_spawn(self, x, y, z, flag, entity_id) def get_kill_count(self): green_kills = self.green_team.kills blue_kills = self.blue_team.kills diff = green_kills - blue_kills if green_kills > blue_kills: return ("Green leads %s-%s (+%s, %s left). Playing to %s kills." % (green_kills, blue_kills, diff, self.kill_limit - green_kills, self.kill_limit)) elif green_kills < blue_kills: return ("Blue leads %s-%s (+%s, %s left). Playing to %s kills." % (blue_kills, green_kills, -diff, self.kill_limit - blue_kills, self.kill_limit)) else: return ("%s-%s, %s left. Playing to %s kills." % (green_kills, blue_kills, self.kill_limit - green_kills, self.kill_limit)) def check_end_game(self, player): if self.green_team.kills >= self.kill_limit: self.send_chat("Green Team Wins, %s - %s" % (self.green_team.kills, self.blue_team.kills)) self.reset_game(player) protocol.on_game_end(self) elif self.blue_team.kills >= self.kill_limit: self.send_chat("Blue Team Wins, %s - %s" % (self.blue_team.kills, self.green_team.kills)) self.reset_game(player) protocol.on_game_end(self) return TDMProtocol, TDMConnection