Source code for piqueserver.game_modes.push

""" last modified 2019-03-06
Contributors: danhezee, StackOverflow, izzy, Danke, noway421, IAmYourFriend

The concept:
    Each team spawns at a set location with the enemy intel. They must "push"
    the intel towards their control point, which is also at a set location.
    The only way to arrive there is by building bridges over the deadly water.
    Further introduction to the game mode:

How to setup new maps:
    Spawn and CP locations must be configured via extensions in the map's
    map_name.txt metadata. Example:

>>> extensions = {
...     'push': True,
...     'push_spawn_range' : 5,
...     'push_blue_spawn' : (91, 276, 59),
...     'push_blue_cp' : (91, 276, 59),
...     'push_green_spawn' : (78, 86, 59),
...     'push_green_cp' : (78, 86, 59),
...     'water_damage' : 100
... }

Additional (but optional) extensions, to mark each teams build area and prevent
the enemy from building there (and thereby helping the enemy). The build area
is defined by x and y of upper left corner, followed by x and y of bottom right
corner on the map. Example:

    'push_blue_build_area' : (64, 100, 243, 500),
    'push_green_build_area' : (268, 100, 447, 500),


.. code-block:: guess
    # Disallow removal of map blocks. This allows a larger variety of maps that
    # rely on more fragile structures. It also prevents griefing (like removing
    # the map blocks before and after your teams bridge). Using server setting
    # 'user_blocks_only' instead doesn't work reliable.
    protect_map_blocks = true

    # Allow the usage of /r to quickly respawn. As players can't refill blocks at
    # their base, they would have to suicide otherwise. This is illogical, messes
    # up their kill-death ratio and gives them an undeserved punishing respawn time.
    allow_respawn_command = true

    # How long to wait to allow the command /r again
    respawn_cmd_delay = "15sec"

    # Players have to wait this amount after spawning before they can pick
    # the intel up. This is to reduce the instant/careless intel pickups.
    intel_pickup_delay = "3sec"

    # How long can you remove your own last blocks
    block_removal_delay = "15sec"

    # Reset intel after it was dropped somewhere
    reset_intel_after_drop = "3min"

    # No building near cp within this block range (can be overwritten using
    # map extension parameter "push_cp_protect_range")
    default_cp_protect_range = 8

    # Disable grenade damage within enemy spawn.
    disable_grenades_at_spawn = false

from pyspades.constants import *
from pyspades.common import make_color
from pyspades.contained import SetColor
from piqueserver.commands import command, admin, get_team
from piqueserver.config import config, cast_duration
from twisted.internet.task import LoopingCall
from random import randint
import colorsys
import time

PUSH_CONFIG = config.section("push")
PROTECT_MAP_BLOCKS = PUSH_CONFIG.option("protect_map_blocks", default=True, cast=bool)
ALLOW_RESPAWN_COMMAND = PUSH_CONFIG.option("allow_respawn_command", default=True, cast=bool)
RESPAWN_CMD_DELAY = PUSH_CONFIG.option("respawn_cmd_delay", default="15sec", cast=cast_duration)
INTEL_PICKUP_DELAY = PUSH_CONFIG.option("intel_pickup_delay", default="3sec", cast=cast_duration)
BLOCK_REMOVAL_DELAY = PUSH_CONFIG.option("block_removal_delay", default="15sec",
RESET_INTEL_AFTER_DROP = PUSH_CONFIG.option("reset_intel_after_drop", default="3min",
DEFAULT_CP_PROTECT_RANGE = PUSH_CONFIG.option("default_cp_protect_range", default=8, cast=int)
DISABLE_GRENADES_AT_SPAWN = PUSH_CONFIG.option("disable_grenades_at_spawn", default=False,

CANT_DESTROY = "You can't destroy your team's blocks!"
NO_BLOCKS = "Out of blocks! Refill at base or type /r"
BUILDING_AT_CP = "You can't build near your base!"
BUILDING_AT_ENEMY_AREA = "Don't build for your enemy!"

[docs]def get_now_in_secs(): return int(time.time())
[docs]def byte_rgb_to_hls(rgb): hls = colorsys.rgb_to_hls(*tuple(c / 255.0 for c in rgb)) return tuple(int(round(c * 255)) for c in hls)
[docs]def byte_hls_to_rgb(hls): rgb = colorsys.hls_to_rgb(*tuple(c / 255.0 for c in hls)) return tuple(int(round(c * 255)) for c in rgb)
[docs]def compare_hs(block_hls, team_hls): # if hue and saturation match return block_hls[0] == team_hls[0] and block_hls[2] == team_hls[2]
[docs]def byte_middle_range(byte): half = 50 / 2.0 # half of (byte/5.1) min = byte - half max = byte + half if min < 0: min = 0 max = half elif max > 255: min = 255 - half max = 255 return int(round(min)), int(round(max))
[docs]def create_area(x, y, block_range): return (x - block_range, y - block_range, x + block_range, y + block_range)
[docs]def is_in_area(x, y, top_x, top_y, bottom_x, bottom_y): return top_x <= x < bottom_x and top_y <= y < bottom_y
[docs]def has_flag(connection): flag = if flag.player is not None: if flag.player is connection: return True return False
[docs]def reset_intel_position(protocol, team): # Flag should always spawn on z-top to prevent griefers burying it under blocks pos = (team.other.spawn[0], team.other.spawn[1],[0], team.other.spawn[1], 1)) team.flag.set(*pos) # If spawn not set, it would throw error. team.flag.update() protocol.send_chat("The %s intel has been reset." %
[docs]@command(admin_only=True) def resetintel(connection, value): team = get_team(connection, value) reset_intel_position(connection.protocol, team)
[docs]@command('r') def respawn(connection): if not ALLOW_RESPAWN_COMMAND.get(): return if connection.world_object is not None and not connection.world_object.dead: if (connection.last_spawn_time is None or connection.last_spawn_time + RESPAWN_CMD_DELAY.get() <= get_now_in_secs()): if has_flag(connection): connection.drop_flag() connection.spawn() else: connection.send_chat( "Please wait %s seconds before using this command again." % (connection.last_spawn_time + RESPAWN_CMD_DELAY.get() - get_now_in_secs()))
[docs]def get_entity_location(connection, entity_id): if entity_id == BLUE_BASE: return connection.protocol.blue_team.cp elif entity_id == GREEN_BASE: return connection.protocol.green_team.cp elif entity_id == BLUE_FLAG: return (connection.protocol.green_team.spawn[0], connection.protocol.green_team.spawn[1], 1) elif entity_id == GREEN_FLAG: return (connection.protocol.blue_team.spawn[0], connection.protocol.blue_team.spawn[1], 1)
[docs]def get_spawn_location(connection): # distance from spawn center to randomly spawn in spawn_range = connection.protocol.spawn_range xb =[0] yb =[1] xb += randint(-spawn_range, spawn_range) yb += randint(-spawn_range, spawn_range) return (xb, yb,, yb))
[docs]def apply_script(protocol, connection, config): class PushConnection(connection): last_spawn_time = None # list entry format: ((x, y, z), timestamp when block was placed) last_blocks = None def is_in_invalid_area(self, x, y, check_area, error_message): if is_in_area(x, y, *check_area): self.send_chat(error_message) return True else: return False def invalid_build_position(self, x, y, z): # prevent teams from building near their cp if self.is_in_invalid_area(x, y, create_area([0],[1], self.protocol.cp_protect_range), BUILDING_AT_CP): return True # prevent teams from building in enemy build area if is not None and self.is_in_invalid_area( x, y,, BUILDING_AT_ENEMY_AREA): return True return False def random_color(self): (h, l, s) = l = randint([0],[1]) color = byte_hls_to_rgb((h, l, s)) self.color = color set_color = SetColor() set_color.player_id = self.player_id set_color.value = make_color(*color) self.send_contained(set_color) self.protocol.broadcast_contained(set_color, save=True) def on_line_build_attempt(self, points): can_build = connection.on_line_build_attempt(self, points) if can_build is False: return False if ALLOW_RESPAWN_COMMAND.get() and self.blocks == len(points): self.send_chat(NO_BLOCKS) for point in points: if self.invalid_build_position(*point): return False if self.last_blocks is None: self.last_blocks = [] if BLOCK_REMOVAL_DELAY.get() > 0: for point in points: x, y, z = point[0], point[1], point[2] if not, y, z): self.last_blocks.append(((x, y, z), get_now_in_secs())) self.random_color() return can_build def on_block_build_attempt(self, x, y, z): can_build = connection.on_block_build_attempt(self, x, y, z) if can_build is False: return False if ALLOW_RESPAWN_COMMAND.get() and self.blocks == 0: self.send_chat(NO_BLOCKS) if self.invalid_build_position(x, y, z): return False if self.last_blocks is None: self.last_blocks = [] if BLOCK_REMOVAL_DELAY.get() > 0: self.last_blocks.append(((x, y, z), get_now_in_secs())) self.random_color() return can_build def on_block_destroy(self, x, y, z, value): is_trusted = (self.admin or self.god or self.user_types.moderator or self.user_types.guard or self.user_types.trusted) if value == DESTROY_BLOCK: blocks = ((x, y, z),) elif value == SPADE_DESTROY: blocks = ((x, y, z), (x, y, z + 1), (x, y, z - 1)) elif value == GRENADE_DESTROY: blocks = [] for nade_x in range(x - 1, x + 2): for nade_y in range(y - 1, y + 2): for nade_z in range(z - 1, z + 2): blocks.append((nade_x, nade_y, nade_z)) for block in blocks: is_last_block_removal = False if self.last_blocks is not None and not is_trusted: for last in self.last_blocks: if block == last[0]: if last[1] + BLOCK_REMOVAL_DELAY.get() < get_now_in_secs(): self.last_blocks.remove(last) return False self.last_blocks.remove(last) is_last_block_removal = True break if is_last_block_removal: continue block_info =*block) if block_info[0] is True: block_hls = byte_rgb_to_hls(block_info[1]) is_blue_block = compare_hs(block_hls, self.protocol.blue_team.hls) is_green_block = compare_hs(block_hls, self.protocol.green_team.hls) is_team_block = (( is self.protocol.blue_team and is_blue_block) or ( is self.protocol.green_team and is_green_block)) if is_team_block and not is_trusted: self.send_chat(CANT_DESTROY) return False if PROTECT_MAP_BLOCKS.get() and not is_blue_block and not is_green_block: return False return connection.on_block_destroy(self, x, y, z, value) def on_flag_take(self): if self.last_spawn_time + INTEL_PICKUP_DELAY.get() > get_now_in_secs(): return False return connection.on_flag_take(self) def on_spawn(self, pos): self.last_spawn_time = get_now_in_secs() self.last_blocks = None return connection.on_spawn(self, pos) def grenade_exploded(self, grenade): if DISABLE_GRENADES_AT_SPAWN.get(): if not (self is None or is None or is None or is None): grenade_x = int(grenade.position.x) grenade_y = int(grenade.position.y) spawn_x =[0] spawn_y =[1] spawn_range = self.protocol.spawn_range + 8 if is_in_area(grenade_x, grenade_y, spawn_x - spawn_range, spawn_y - spawn_range, spawn_x + spawn_range, spawn_y + spawn_range): return False return connection.grenade_exploded(self, grenade) class PushProtocol(protocol): game_mode = CTF_MODE spawn_range = 0 cp_protect_range = 0 check_loop = None reset_intel_blue_timer = 0 reset_intel_green_timer = 0 def __init__(self, *arg, **kw): protocol.__init__(self, *arg, **kw) self.blue_team.hls = byte_rgb_to_hls(self.blue_team.color) self.blue_team.light_range = byte_middle_range( self.blue_team.hls[1]) self.green_team.hls = byte_rgb_to_hls(self.green_team.color) self.green_team.light_range = byte_middle_range( self.green_team.hls[1]) def check_intel_location(self, team, timer_val): if team.flag is not None: if team.flag.get()[2] >= 63: reset_intel_position(self, team) return 0 elif team.flag.player is None: timer_val += 1 if timer_val >= RESET_INTEL_AFTER_DROP.get() / self.check_loop.interval: reset_intel_position(self, team) return 0 return timer_val else: return 0 return timer_val def check_intel_locations(self): self.reset_intel_blue_timer = self.check_intel_location( self.blue_team, self.reset_intel_blue_timer) self.reset_intel_green_timer = self.check_intel_location( self.green_team, self.reset_intel_green_timer) def on_map_change(self, map): extensions = self.map_info.extensions for must_have in ('push_blue_spawn', 'push_green_spawn', 'push_blue_cp', 'push_green_cp'): if must_have not in extensions: raise Exception("Missing push map metadata: %s" % must_have) extensions['water_damage'] = 100 # distance from spawn center to randomly spawn in self.spawn_range = extensions.get('push_spawn_range', 5) # distance from cp where building is not allowed self.cp_protect_range = extensions.get('push_cp_protect_range', DEFAULT_CP_PROTECT_RANGE.get()) self.blue_team.spawn = extensions.get('push_blue_spawn') self.blue_team.cp = extensions.get('push_blue_cp') self.blue_team.build_area = extensions.get('push_blue_build_area') self.green_team.spawn = extensions.get('push_green_spawn') self.green_team.cp = extensions.get('push_green_cp') self.green_team.build_area = extensions.get('push_green_build_area') self.map_info.get_entity_location = get_entity_location self.map_info.get_spawn_location = get_spawn_location if self.check_loop is not None: self.check_loop.stop() self.reset_intel_blue_timer = 0 self.reset_intel_green_timer = 0 self.check_loop = LoopingCall(self.check_intel_locations) self.check_loop.start(3, now=False) return protocol.on_map_change(self, map) return PushProtocol, PushConnection