Source code for piqueserver.game_modes.freeforall

# Free for all script written by Yourself

from random import randint

from pyspades.constants import CTF_MODE

# If ALWAYS_ENABLED is False, free for all can still be enabled in the map
# metadata by setting the key 'free_for_all' to True in the extensions
# dictionary

# If WATER_SPANS is True, then players can spawn in water

HIDE_POS = (0, 0, 63)

[docs]def apply_script(protocol, connection, config): class FreeForAllProtocol(protocol): game_mode = CTF_MODE free_for_all = False old_friendly_fire = None def on_map_change(self, map): extensions = self.map_info.extensions if ALWAYS_ENABLED: self.free_for_all = True else: if 'free_for_all' in extensions: self.free_for_all = extensions['free_for_all'] else: self.free_for_all = False if self.free_for_all: self.old_friendly_fire = self.friendly_fire self.friendly_fire = True else: if self.old_friendly_fire is not None: self.friendly_fire = self.old_friendly_fire self.old_friendly_fire = None return protocol.on_map_change(self, map) def on_base_spawn(self, x, y, z, base, entity_id): if self.free_for_all: return HIDE_POS return protocol.on_base_spawn(self, x, y, z, base, entity_id) def on_flag_spawn(self, x, y, z, flag, entity_id): if self.free_for_all: return HIDE_POS return protocol.on_flag_spawn(self, x, y, z, flag, entity_id) class FreeForAllConnection(connection): score_hack = False def on_spawn_location(self, pos): if not self.score_hack and self.protocol.free_for_all: while True: x = randint(0, 511) y = randint(0, 511) z =, y) if z != 63 or WATER_SPAWNS: break # Magic numbers taken from spawn function z -= 2.4 x += 0.5 y += 0.5 return (x, y, z) return connection.on_spawn_location(self, pos) def on_refill(self): if self.protocol.free_for_all: return False return connection.on_refill(self) def on_flag_take(self): if self.protocol.free_for_all: return False return connection.on_flag_take(self) def on_kill(self, by, type, grenade): # Switch teams to add score hack if by is not None and is and self is not by: self.score_hack = True pos = self.world_object.position self.set_team( self.spawn((pos.x, pos.y, pos.z)) self.score_hack = False return connection.on_kill(self, by, type, grenade) return FreeForAllProtocol, FreeForAllConnection