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from piqueserver.commands import (command, get_player, join_arguments,

[docs]@command() @player_only def login(connection, password): """ Log in if you're staff or a trusted member of this server /login <password> You will be kicked if a wrong password is given 3 times in a row """ for user_type, passwords in connection.protocol.passwords.items(): if password in passwords: if user_type in connection.user_types: return "You're already logged in as %s" % user_type return connection.on_user_login(user_type, True) if connection.login_retries is None: connection.login_retries = connection.protocol.login_retries - 1 else: connection.login_retries -= 1 if not connection.login_retries: connection.kick('Ran out of login attempts') return return 'Invalid password - you have %s tries left' % ( connection.login_retries)
[docs]@command() def pm(connection, value, *arg): """ Send a private message to a given player /pm <player> <message> """ player = get_player(connection.protocol, value) message = join_arguments(arg) if len(message) == 0: return "Please specify your message" player.send_chat('PM from %s: %s' % (, message)) return 'PM sent to %s' %
[docs]@command('admin') def to_admin(connection, *arg): """ Send a message to all admins currently online /admin <message> """ protocol = connection.protocol message = join_arguments(arg) if not message: return "Enter a message you want to send, like /admin I'm stuck" prefix = '(TO ADMINS)' irc_relay = protocol.irc_relay if irc_relay: if and prefix = '\x0304' + prefix + '\x0f' irc_relay.send(prefix + ' <%s> %s' % (, message)) for player in protocol.players.values(): if player.admin and player is not connection: player.send_chat('To ADMINS from %s: %s' % (, message)) return 'Message sent to all admins currently online'