Source code for piqueserver.core_commands.server

import random
import sys

from twisted.logger import Logger

from piqueserver.commands import command, join_arguments

log = Logger()

[docs]@command('servername', admin_only=True) def server_name(connection, *arg): """ Change the server name until it restarts /servername <new-name> Also affects the master list """ if not arg: raise ValueError("no argument given") name = join_arguments(arg) protocol = connection.protocol protocol.set_server_name(name) message = "%s changed servername to '%s'" % (, name) connection.protocol.irc_say("* " + message) if connection in connection.protocol.players.values(): return message return None
[docs]@command('server') def server_info(connection): """ Tell you the name of this server and its aos:// URI /server """ protocol = connection.protocol msg = 'You are playing on "%s"' % if protocol.identifier is not None: msg += ' at %s' % protocol.identifier return msg
[docs]@command() def version(connection): """ Tell you this server's piqueserver version /version """ import piqueserver return 'Server version is "{}" on "{}"'.format( piqueserver.__version__, sys.platform)
[docs]@command() def scripts(connection): """ Tell you which scripts are enabled on this server currently /scripts """ scripts = connection.protocol.config.get('scripts', []) if not scripts: return 'No scripts are enabled currently' return 'Scripts enabled: %s' % (', '.join(scripts))
[docs]@command('togglemaster', 'master', admin_only=True) def toggle_master(connection): """ Toggle connection to the master server list /togglemaster """ protocol = connection.protocol protocol.set_master_state(not protocol.master) message = ("toggled master broadcast %s" % ['OFF', 'ON'][ int(protocol.master)]) protocol.irc_say("* %s " % + message) if connection in connection.protocol.players.values(): return "You " + message