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from piqueserver.commands import (
    command, _commands, has_permission, get_player, get_command_help, player_only, target_player)

[docs]@command() @player_only def streak(connection): """ Tell your current kill streak /streak """ return ('Your current kill streak is %s. Best is %s kills' % (connection.streak, connection.best_streak))
[docs]@command() @target_player def ping(connection, player): """ Tell your current ping (time for your actions to be received by the server) /ping """ ping = player.latency if connection is player: return 'Your ping is {} ms. Lower ping is better!'.format(player.latency) return "{}'s ping is {} ms".format(, player.latency)
[docs]@command() @player_only def rules(connection): """ Show you the server rules /rules """ lines = connection.protocol.rules if lines is None: return connection.send_lines(lines)
[docs]@command() def commands(connection): """ Print all available commands /commands """ # Compact and simple output for admins if connection.admin: names = [command.command_name for command in _commands.values() if has_permission(command, connection)] return 'Available commands: %s' % (', '.join(names)) # More helpful output for regular players lines = [] for cmd in _commands.values(): if not has_permission(cmd, connection): continue desc, _, _ = get_command_help(cmd) lines.append("/{} {}".format(cmd.command_name, desc)) connection.send_lines(lines)
[docs]@command("help") def help_command(connection, command_name=None): """ Gives description and usage info for a command /help <command_name> """ # Querying usage for a specific command if command_name: if command_name not in _commands: return 'Unknown command' command_func = _commands[command_name] desc, usage, _ = get_command_help(command_func) return 'Description: {}\n Usage: {}'.format(desc, usage) # Output help if present in config if return connection.send_lines(