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import math
import re
from twisted.internet import reactor
from piqueserver.config import cast_duration
from pyspades.common import prettify_timespan
from piqueserver.commands import (
    command, CommandError, get_player, get_team, get_truthy, target_player)

[docs]@command('time') def get_time_limit(connection): """ Tell you the current time limit /time """ advance_call = connection.protocol.advance_call if advance_call is None: return 'No time limit set' left = int( math.ceil((advance_call.getTime() - reactor.seconds()) / 60.0)) return 'There are %s minutes left' % left
[docs]@command("resetgame", admin_only=True) def reset_game(connection): """ Reset the game /resetgame """ resetting_player = connection # irc compatibility if resetting_player not in connection.protocol.players.values(): for player in connection.protocol.players.values(): resetting_player = player if player.admin: break if resetting_player is connection: return connection.protocol.reset_game(resetting_player) connection.protocol.on_game_end() connection.protocol.send_chat( 'Game has been reset by %s' %, irc=True)
[docs]@command(admin_only=True) def lock(connection, value): """ Make a specified team no longer joinable until it's unlocked /lock <blue|green|spectator> New players will be placed in the spectator team even if it's locked """ team = get_team(connection, value) team.locked = True connection.protocol.send_chat('%s team is now locked' % connection.protocol.irc_say('* %s locked %s team' % (,
[docs]@command(admin_only=True) def unlock(connection, value): """ Unlock a team /unlock <blue|green|spectator> """ team = get_team(connection, value) team.locked = False connection.protocol.send_chat('%s team is now unlocked' % connection.protocol.irc_say('* %s unlocked %s team' % (,
[docs]@command(admin_only=True) @target_player def switch(connection, player): """ Switch teams either for yourself or for a given player /switch [player] """ protocol = connection.protocol if player.send_chat( "The switch command can't be used on a spectating player.") return new_team = if player.invisible: old_team = = new_team player.on_team_changed(old_team) player.spawn(player.world_object.position.get()) player.send_chat('Switched to %s team' % if connection is not player and connection in protocol.players.values(): connection.send_chat('Switched %s to %s team' % (, protocol.irc_say('* %s silently switched teams' % else: player.respawn_time = protocol.respawn_time player.set_team(new_team) protocol.send_chat('%s switched teams' %, irc=True)
[docs]@command('setbalance', admin_only=True) def set_balance(connection, value): """ Turn automatic balancing on or off /setbalance <on|off> """ should_balance = get_truthy(value) if should_balance is None: raise CommandError() protocol = connection.protocol protocol.balanced_teams = should_balance if should_balance: protocol.send_chat('now balancing teams') connection.protocol.irc_say( '* %s turned on balanced teams' % else: protocol.send_chat('now no longer balancing teams') connection.protocol.irc_say( '* %s turned off balanced teams' %
[docs]@command('togglebuild', 'tb', admin_only=True) def toggle_build(connection, player=None): """ Toggle building for everyone in the server or for a given player /togglebuild [player] """ if player is not None: player = get_player(connection.protocol, player) value = not player.building player.building = value msg = '%s can build again' if value else '%s is disabled from building' connection.protocol.send_chat(msg % connection.protocol.irc_say('* %s %s building for %s' % (, ['disabled', 'enabled'][int(value)], else: value = not connection.protocol.building connection.protocol.building = value on_off = ['OFF', 'ON'][int(value)] connection.protocol.send_chat('Building has been toggled %s!' % on_off) connection.protocol.irc_say( '* %s toggled building %s' % (, on_off))
[docs]@command('togglekill', 'tk', admin_only=True) def toggle_kill(connection, player=None): """ Toggle killing for everyone in the server or for a given player /togglekill [player] """ if player is not None: player = get_player(connection.protocol, player) value = not player.killing player.killing = value msg = '%s can kill again' if value else '%s is disabled from killing' connection.protocol.send_chat(msg % connection.protocol.irc_say('* %s %s killing for %s' % (, ['disabled', 'enabled'][int(value)], else: value = not connection.protocol.killing connection.protocol.killing = value on_off = ['OFF', 'ON'][int(value)] connection.protocol.send_chat('Killing has been toggled %s!' % on_off) connection.protocol.irc_say( '* %s toggled killing %s' % (, on_off))
[docs]@command('toggleteamkill', 'ttk', admin_only=True) def toggle_teamkill(connection): """ Toggle friendly fire /toggleteamkill """ value = not connection.protocol.friendly_fire connection.protocol.friendly_fire = value on_off = ['OFF', 'ON'][int(value)] connection.protocol.send_chat( 'Friendly fire has been toggled %s!' % on_off) connection.protocol.irc_say('* %s toggled friendly fire %s' % (, on_off))
[docs]@command('globalchat', admin_only=True) def global_chat(connection, value=None): """ Enable or disable global chat /globalchat [on|off] Toggles if no arguments are given """ enabled = get_truthy(value) if enabled is True: connection.protocol.global_chat = True elif enabled is False: connection.protocol.global_chat = False else: connection.protocol.global_chat = not connection.protocol.global_chat connection.protocol.send_chat( 'Global chat %s' % ( 'enabled' if connection.protocol.global_chat else 'disabled'), irc=True)
[docs]@command('timelimit', admin_only=True) def set_time_limit(connection, duration): """ Set this game time limit /timelimit <duration> """ limit = cast_duration(duration) span = prettify_timespan(limit) protocol = connection.protocol # takes time in minutes protocol.set_time_limit(limit/60) protocol.send_chat('Time limit set to {}'.format(span), irc=True)
[docs]@command(admin_only=True) def fog(connection, *args): """ Set the fog color /fog red green blue (all values 0-255) /fog #aabbcc (hex representation of rgb) /fog #abc (short hex representation of rgb) """ if(len(args) == 3): r = int(args[0]) g = int(args[1]) b = int(args[2]) elif(len(args) == 1 and args[0][0] == '#'): hex_code = args[0][1:] if (len(hex_code) != 3) and (len(hex_code) != 6): raise ValueError("Invalid hex code length") if len(hex_code) == 3: # it's a short hex code, turn it into a full one hex_code = (hex_code[0]*2) + (hex_code[1]*2) + (hex_code[2]*2) valid_characters = re.compile('[a-fA-F0-9]') for char in hex_code: if valid_characters.match(char) is None: raise ValueError("Invalid hex code characters") r = int(hex_code[0:2], base=16) g = int(hex_code[2:4], base=16) b = int(hex_code[4:6], base=16) else: raise ValueError("Neither RGB or hex code provided") old_fog_color = connection.protocol.fog_color connection.protocol.set_fog_color((r, g, b)) if old_fog_color == (r, g, b): return 'Fog color changed successfully\nWarning: fog color set to same color as before' return 'Fog color changed successfully'