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# Copyright (c) Mathias Kaerlev 2011-2012.

# This file is part of pyspades.

# pyspades is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

# pyspades is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.

# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with pyspades.  If not, see <>.

import os
import importlib
import math
import random
import time
from typing import List, Optional, Union

from twisted.logger import Logger

from pyspades.vxl import VXLData
from piqueserver.config import config

log = Logger()

[docs]class MapNotFound(Exception): def __init__(self, the_map): = the_map Exception.__init__(self, 'map %s does not exist' % the_map) def __nonzero__(self): return False
[docs]def check_rotation(maps: List[Union[str, 'RotationInfo']], load_dir: Optional[str]=None) -> List['RotationInfo']: """ Checks if provided maps exist in maps dir. and returns an array of RotationInfo objects for those maps. Raises MapNotFound exception if maps are not found. """ if load_dir is None: load_dir = os.path.join(config.config_dir, 'maps') infos = [] for the_map in maps: if not isinstance(the_map, RotationInfo): the_map = RotationInfo(the_map) infos.append(the_map) if (not os.path.isfile(the_map.get_map_filename(load_dir)) and not os.path.isfile(the_map.get_meta_filename(load_dir))): raise MapNotFound(the_map) return infos
[docs]class Map: # pylint: disable=too-many-instance-attributes def __init__(self, rot_info: 'RotationInfo', load_dir: str) -> None: self.load_information(rot_info, load_dir) # we want to count how long a map load or generate takes start_time = time.monotonic() if self.gen_script: seed = rot_info.get_seed() = '{} #{}'.format(, seed)"Generating map '{mapname}'...", random.seed(seed) = self.gen_script(, seed) else:"Loading map '%s'..." % self.load_vxl(rot_info)'Map loaded successfully. (took {duration:.2f}s)', duration=time.monotonic() - start_time)
[docs] def load_information(self, rot_info: 'RotationInfo', load_dir: str) -> None: path = rot_info.get_meta_filename(load_dir) namespace = 'piqueserver_internal_map_' + try: loader = importlib.machinery.SourceFileLoader(namespace, path) spec = importlib.util.spec_from_loader(, loader) info = importlib.util.module_from_spec(spec) spec.loader.exec_module(info) except FileNotFoundError: log.error("Map info file not found {}".format(path)) info = None except Exception as e: log.error("Error while loading map info: {!r}".format(e)) info = None = info self.load_dir = load_dir self.rot_info = rot_info self.gen_script = getattr(info, 'gen_script', None) if self.gen_script: self.short_name = = rot_info.full_name else: = getattr(info, 'name', self.short_name = = getattr(info, 'author', '(unknown)') self.version = getattr(info, 'version', '1.0') self.description = getattr(info, 'description', '') self.extensions = getattr(info, 'extensions', {}) self.script = getattr(info, 'apply_script', None) self.time_limit = getattr(info, 'time_limit', None) self.cap_limit = getattr(info, 'cap_limit', None) self.get_spawn_location = getattr(info, 'get_spawn_location', None) self.get_entity_location = getattr(info, 'get_entity_location', None) self.on_map_change = getattr(info, 'on_map_change', None) self.on_map_leave = getattr(info, 'on_map_leave', None) self.on_block_destroy = getattr(info, 'on_block_destroy', None) self.is_indestructable = getattr(info, 'is_indestructable', None)
[docs] def apply_script(self, protocol, connection, config): if self.script is not None: protocol, connection = self.script(protocol, connection, config) return protocol, connection
[docs] def load_vxl(self, rot_info): try: fp = open(rot_info.get_map_filename(self.load_dir), 'rb') except OSError: raise MapNotFound( = VXLData(fp) fp.close()
[docs]class RotationInfo: seed = None def __init__(self, name: str = "pyspades") -> None: self.full_name = name splitted = name.split("#") if len(splitted) > 1: # user specified a seed name = splitted[0].strip() self.seed = int(splitted[1]) = name
[docs] def get_seed(self) -> int: if self.seed is not None: return self.seed random.seed() return random.randint(0, int(math.pow(2, 31)))
[docs] def get_map_filename(self, load_dir: str) -> str: return os.path.join(load_dir, '%s.vxl' %
[docs] def get_meta_filename(self, load_dir: str) -> str: return os.path.join(load_dir, '%s.txt' %
def __str__(self): return self.full_name